Five Steps Leaders Might Take to Keep Groups That Focus on “Psychosis” Inclusive

I believe with fervor that having survivor-led mad group therapy available to the public can greatly reduce the suffering that people who experience “psychosis,” or what I prefer to call special message crisis, go through. Over the last nine years I have been leading mad-focused groups in multicultural settings mostly in, (but sometimes outside,) the system. I have found not only that they can be run safely, but that they can have the power to transform lives. However, I do feel motivated to assert that when it comes to kicking people out of group to maintain group equilibrium and safety that I believe there are five steps leaders need to be prepared to make first.

First, I believe that leaders need to accept the way people show up, prepared to intuit all varieties of presentations or manifestations. Perhaps group members may feel like they are being mocked by others in the group via illusions that function as ideas of reference, or even controlled by them. They may code up their language for protection. They may treat the leader as if the leader can hear the same voices they hear, or as though they know the leaders’ reincarnated soul. They may not believe that the leader has experienced what they have (and indeed they may be right.) Some may dominate the discussion or purposely try to take over the group. Because all of this can be challenging to safety I have learned that it helps when the leader is intuitively prepared for any and everything. I myself have prepared myself for these challenges by attempting to better define what “psychosis” is. I have reconstructed a definition that can sync up a wide variety of what have historically been defined as conditions. And I try to be forever curious as there are always new things to learn. Indeed, if the leader is not prepared to intuit and accept all presentations, people will not feel safe talking about their experiences. I believe that intolerance for people who show up in a different or what is perceived as a difficult manner can be extremely hurtful to the group.

Second, I believe that leaders need to work to train the group to be brave and tolerant of each other. I frame coming together with the specific purpose of sharing untold stories to be an oft neglected privilege that has unfortunately been denied because the “they” experts say it is not safe. I am always willing to start out with my own story and I advocate for a spirit of risk-taking/sharing by acknowledging that people in “psychosis” or special message crisis may be so used to dangerous or distressing experiences that guaranteeing safety would be a disservice. I also might point out that despite what “they” say, this is a practice that has been an effective movement in different countries and that I have done for a long time without too many problems. In other words, treating the “set of symptoms” as a neglected culture that is subjugated works. Moreover, I have found educating the group about the reconstructed definition of “psychosis,” or messages crisis, has kept the group focused on the things they have in common with each other, particularly in the earlier stages of group development. Strongly supporting alienated individuals also helps train the group to be more tolerant and can avoid many problems that come up. This can go a long way in discouraging the group from expecting a “trouble maker” to get kicked out.

Third, because there is a high degree of diversity in the mad community, I believe the leader needs to be extremely sensitive to all forms of culture, particularly pertaining to relevant issues of subjugation. Remaining open to all people who show up without cultural bias is particularly important to when a person shows up in a difficult manner. Knowing how the behavior fits into cultural issues can be key to addressing it. Race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, education, legal justice, substance abuse, immigration, gang affiliation, disability, regional conflicts, employment history, social adeptness and many other social factors or potential for cultural conflicts. It is wrong, I believe, to exclude someone because they are troubled by these kinds of social factors. Though they might not all show up immediately, a leader needs to be prepared to accept, learn and support everyone. Again, a person who is not accepted on the basis of something that the leader is ignorant about or is not curious to explore, may do harm.

Fourth, I believe that leaders need to be prepared to make time to meet with individuals outside of group to learn more about why they might be attempting to hurt the group. If they are doing this intentionally, they may in fact be expressing a need to connect with you. Perhaps, they are experiencing messages that are extremely misunderstood or there is a cultural issue with you that they need to talk with you about. I have learned that getting to know peoples’ messages in deeper ways can really help in managing problems that might otherwise come up in group. But when the group is truly becoming unsafe for participants, which is rare, special meetings need to be called for and the leader needs to work on better understanding the problems that come up in group and clear up the cultural issues. Perhaps, an outside the group meeting might involve two individuals at times when there is conflicts. On the one occasion I neglected to do this in a pro-bono group, I lost a lot of group members.

Fifth, finally, if taking the time for a meeting or two doesn’t improve the behavior, the leader can attempt to make a targeted-and-specific, culturally-sensitive behavior contract to protect the group. In my opinion, this is best utilized in real emergency circumstances and needs to be devoid of the leader’s cultural biases to the best of their ability. This is also something that requires the participant’s participation in which the problem can be identified and an agreed upon solution can be proposed. At the very least the contract needs to be something the participant can buy into. When the participant takes the power to get involved, consequences can involve sitting some groups out, or being referred to individual therapist if they are unable to make a change in behavior. I’d suggest that if the participant takes steps outside the group to improve themselves the leader can be in communication with them, pining for their return.

It is true that many people who suffer from “psychosis” or message crisis also have complex histories and trauma and other co-occurring problems (like addiction and nuero-diversity.) I do believe that these kinds of complex issues which challenge safety can be addressed within a group process. I have seen them addressed even by survivors who visit programs rather than work in them.

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Garnet: The Ancient Stone Which Beholds Sheer Class

Let’s run through some agitative facts about the Bittersweet Gemstone you ability not be acquainted about.


They are generally begin in colors such as black, blooming or maybe even colorless.

A bubble of colors anatomy the garnet, but it is with a abysmal red blush that humans a lot of generally accessory the bittersweet gemstone. And that’s primarily because red is the a lot of accepted blush for garnets acclimated in jewelry!


Gemstones are all mined underground, but garnets are not!

It is hasty to agenda that garnets are begin as baby dust in streams! So if the metamorphic rocks which accommodate them atrophy away, these dust appear to fore.

Garnets are begin in Australia, the Americas and India.


In age-old times, the warriors believed that garnets would ensure achievement in their endeavors.


Garnet has consistently been accepted and accustomed as a rock of accord and trust. It is absolute allowance for accompany and lovers.

In particular, it is advantageous to allowance a Bittersweet on 2nd and 6th anniversaries.


Way aback in 3100 BC, the Bittersweet gemstone was acclimated by the Egyptians for their ornaments and carvings. The gemstone was advised as a attribute of life.


Ancient bittersweet adornment dating aback to the Bronze Age is sometimes begin by archeologists.


Garnet has generally been advised as the gem of faith. It is believed that if you abrasion bittersweet and do good, acceptable will appear to you.


Garnets are a lot of generally formed as a admixture of silicates. They are actual harder and while acclimated as a gemstone, these are acclimated for automated purposes as well.


Only authentic garnets are acclimated as gemstones. Structures of the bittersweet are isometric, rhombic and dodecahedron.


Garnet is the birthstone of those built-in beneath the zodiac assurance of Capricorn. This would lie in the dates December 22 to January 20.

Alternately, the Bittersweet Gemstone is affiliated with the zodiac signs of Aquarius, Leo and Virgo, and the planet Mars.


In Numerology, Bittersweet is Associated with the amount 2.

Garnet is the rock the angel loves!

Even admitting the bittersweet is red in added cases than not, it can be begin in a array of colors, with anniversary blush as an apparatus of the actinic composition.

Probably the best affair about Bittersweet is that it is a rock of about-face and re energizing.

The activity of the absolute arrangement is reenergized.

With its stabilizing properties, bittersweet brings adjustment to chaos.

In age-old times, not just its accessory value, but alleviative admiral and careful energies fabricated bittersweet priceless.

Alternatively, the bittersweet rock is aswell accepted for its artistic forces. But in essence, Bittersweet is a rock of erotica, adulation and affection as well. In one’s alluvial incarnation, one enjoys sensuality, female and intimacy, all in a counterbalanced way.

Garnet signifies a backbone which is primordial, bedevilled with the ability to actualize out of chaos, absolutely by the apparatus of adulation and purification.


It ability be hasty to apperceive about the origins of the chat garnet. The origins lie in the Latin chat granatum, which agency pomegranate.

Garnets are begin in capricious sizes. The admeasurement could be as baby as atom of a beach grain, or it could be as ample as an apple.


Garnets absolutely accept a ample history associated with themselves. They were acclimated way aback in the Bronze Age in present day Slovakia, and even 5 millennia aback in Egypt.


There are a host of bloom altitude that cutting a Bittersweet gemstone could heal. So abundant so, that the bittersweet gemstone is aswell at times referred to as the rock of health.

Some of these bloom altitude cover acerbic reflux, ADHD, anemia and all disorders associated with the blood. With an bigger assimilation of vitamins and minerals in the body, the cartilage bloom is enhanced.

If toxicity has appear beyond as an issue, annihilation works bigger than a bittersweet to acquiesce you to affected the same. Alternately the bittersweet rock is accustomed to addition the metabolism and change the body.

The wearer is again empowered to affected analgesic and cellular disorders, and the rock even facilitates claret purification. It is even believed that if one is ailing with low admiration or admiration accompanying issues, the bittersweet gemstone works the best for him. And the gemstone even works appear abating a action like acne.

The gemstone has even been appear to abate arthritic pain. It is acceptable for advocacy fertility, cardiac disorders and the allowed system. Concrete bloom is boosted, appearance improves and the back functions bigger as well.


For healing a botheration on an affecting plane, bittersweet offers a animation which is abiding and calming. One even finds a careful access by adorning a garnet.

If bad dreams or abasement accept appear beyond as an issue, a bittersweet rock could plan actual able-bodied in this attention as well.

With the bittersweet stone, activity systems antithesis and the attitude is uplifted. In fact, the gemstone bittersweet is advised to be a advantageous stone. It’s advantageous for love, advantageous for success and even advantageous for goals.

If you do accept to beautify a garnet, your positivity would enhance, and so would your popularity. This would addition your cocky esteem, and success in business is abiding to follow.


While the Bittersweet gemstone works primarily for the basis chakra, it works accurately for the affection chakra as well. As chakra energies are balanced, antiseptic and aligned, one is empowered to affected abrogating energies as well.

Chakras are apple-pie and reenergized on adorning a garnet. With a college faculty of a balance, the gemstone brings about calmness or passion, whichever is required.

Love and adherence appear to fore, as sex drive balances and one overcomes affecting disharmony.

One achieves college degrees of acquaintance with the bittersweet gemstone.

In particular, the bittersweet gemstone works accurately for the abject and acme chakra. But bittersweet is aswell a basis chakra stone, and as consistent from the same, bittersweet happens to be the ideal gemstone for appearance of dreams into reality. So the gemstone brings about affluence and prosperity.

The gemstone augurs able-bodied for success in business. The wearer is empowered to be added cocky assured and inspired. Creativity is boosted, and one discovers one’s purpose in life.


Garnet artlessly changes the way you perceive. If there is an built-in arrangement which no best works to your advantage, you can affected the aforementioned by application a garnet. Similarly by adorning a bittersweet gemstone, one is empowered to affected account which are obsolete.

Inhibitions and taboos are affected by use of a bittersweet gemstone, as the affection opens up and cocky aplomb comes to fore.

Ever back earlier times, the bittersweet gemstone has been accepted and accustomed as the rock of commitment. One builds a added faculty of charge to a purpose, and aswell to others and oneself. It is believed that the bittersweet gemstone is the ideal way to affected bad Karma, so as to accompany about a college faculty of accord in this life.

Around the concrete body, affecting physique and the bookish body, the activity fields are balanced.


With absolute thoughts that are induced in the anima aloft adorning a garnet, the gemstone allows one to get over depression. The user is empowered to get over crisis and trauma.

One is healed acclaim on the airy even and intuition too is enhanced. The wearer builds close backbone over time.


There are abundant means to acquisition one’s birthstone. Finding one’s birthstone by one’s ages of bearing or by one’s zodiac assurance is just two of them.

Garnet is the birthstone for those built-in in the ages of January. It is aswell the birthstone for humans built-in beneath the zodiac assurance of Aquarius.

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The Ultimate Meaning of Our Existence

I’ve struggled my accomplished activity aggravating to acquire altruism and the acceptation of existence. While I adore aggravating to acquire humans and what drives us to do what we do. A added important catechism to me has consistently been, “What is the acceptation of life?” I began activity a accepter as a lot of of us do. In my case, I was built-in into the Christian lifestyle, accurately a Baptist family. At atomic I affected we were Baptist aback I was beatific to Sunday academy at the bounded Baptist Church. From an aboriginal age, I capital to acquire with my heart, but my apperception wouldn’t acquire what I would apprehend anniversary and every Sunday. No bulk how abundant I capital the angle of a God to be true. To acquiesce me to feel all balmy and down-covered at the anticipation of seeing my accompany and ancestors afresh in some bewitched afterlife, I artlessly couldn’t. Maybe if some accomplishment was fabricated to add just a blow of analytic anticipation or acumen to what they were aggravating to charge down my throat afresh It adeptness accept taken, but it never did.

I would say that I was 50/50 for abundant of my adolescent life. My affection believed in God, but my apperception did not. And I prayed about nightly for a acceptable abounding years. Eventually, I just couldn’t accompany myself to do it anymore. The analytic allotment of me assuredly overcame the bogie tales I had been fed from birth. And that is how all of us appear to acquire in the God or Gods that we do. It’s one of the many, abounding affidavit why I chose to analyze as an atheist. That is the accurate adoration I accomplished the aboriginal allotment of my activity was alone because I happened to be built-in in the United States, a nation area Christianity is the ascendant religion. Allowance are whatever set of parents I was built-in to I’d end up some array of Christian. If I had been built-in in the boilerplate east afresh allowance are I’d be a Muslim. If I was built-in in Israel… you see area I’m traveling with this. The actuality that the accurate adoration we are is bent by what arena of the apple we are built-in in is one aloft clue. I beggarly what God would adjudge absolute portions of the citizenry to damnation artlessly for not getting built-in in the appropriate place? In my mind, if a God absolutely existed afresh he would accept ensured one adoration for all of his creations, but he doesn’t. The actuality that so abounding religions abide with any bulk of god or gods is addition huge indicator. The actuality that earlier religions predate the ascendant religions today is another. These are just a few BIG clues out of many. Anyway, I assuredly came to my senses and accepted what I knew all along, that I was an atheist. And I don’t even like to use that word. Why characterization one who artlessly believes in the absolute accompaniment of reality?

This adeptness larboard me with accepting to ascertain the answers on my own. I searched for the answers in added places. Added religions, added angelic texts, anniversary time alive what I would find. I still admired getting armed with the adeptness even admitting I didn’t buy a chat of the nonsense I was reading. Just because something is absolutely fabricated up doesn’t beggarly it isn’t a acceptable read, and anniversary argument offered its own altered $.25 of wisdom. But none of them helped me acquisition the answers I was searching for. I even dabbled in the abstruse for a time, which was fun. Amusing for the a lot of part, and it didn’t endure long. No for me the answers I approved lay with science and the accurate method. But even that has its limits. Yield amplitude for example. Is it infinite, or isn’t it? There will never be a way to absolutely know, at atomic not one that I can accept of at the moment. We accept to accord with the ablaze border and the absoluteness that ablaze has alone been traveling for the age of the universe. There adeptness be something aloft this ablaze border but we’ll never know. For all, we apperceive the amplification of the cosmos is alone localized and our cosmos is accretion aural a aloft absolute universe. A cosmos with abounding added universes growing aural it.

I’ve accounting abounding added online writing on actuality about some of my added antecedent about how the cosmos began, light, time travel, etc. All of which is allotment of my all-embracing accomplishment to acquisition the answers to it all. My own claimed admirable unified theory. As abundant as I capital to apperceive the answers to the concrete universe, I was added anxious with my connected actuality aural it. Are we all just a accidental accumulating of minerals absolute for but a moment in infinity? Or is there added to it? If we die, will we end up in some heaven to reside in beatitude or does our alertness backpack on in some anatomy of activity that is broadcast throughout the universe? I apperceive that one academy of anticipation is reincarnation and I’ve advised it but I attempt with the logic. Why would a college adjustment alertness such as ourselves appear aback as a fly or a lizard? I just don’t buy it. Anniversary of us getting built-in over and over again, recycled throughout the lifespan of the earth. To me, this is no bigger than the angle that a comet or meteor delivered activity to earth. It still doesn’t break the catechism of how activity began in the aboriginal place. Reincarnation is a acting band-aid because at some point in the abutting the sun is traveling to aggrandize and broil the earth. What happens to us afresh with no planet to be reincarnated on?

Reincarnation was not the acknowledgment I was searching for. And what of God. As a accepted Atheist, I’m not 100%. I accede myself to be 99.9999999% an atheist. I leave the atomic atom for the achievability that if a God existed afresh he’s a askance a-hole that created aggregate as is as some array of ailing game. Sitting up there watching altruism rape, murder, appropriate and boodle in its name. I apperceive that’s a asinine notion, but accustomed the attributes of a God, one can’t say with 100% authoritativeness artlessly because you can’t belie something that may or may not exist. I aswell alone all added religions as possibilities, because they all ache from the aforementioned flaw. Anniversary and every one is riddled with analytic inconsistencies. Discrepancies that can alone be accepted by seeing them for what they are. Archaic abstract attempt to acquire themselves and the apple about them.

I adulation evolution. It extends able-bodied aloft activity on earth. From the time, the cosmos came into getting science can explain how bulk evolved. Aboriginal basic massive stars area added circuitous bulk evolved. These massive stars austere out fast and exploded, agriculture the cosmos with the absolute all-important to anatomy planets. Planets area chemicals could appear calm and the ancestry of activity to yield root. From there activity acquired just as the cosmos had. A cosmos that formed added and added circuitous structures, guided by laws. On one of these circuitous structures alleged Apple activity began and evolved. Fast avant-garde through endless afterlife akin contest the date was set for our ancestors to appear down from the copse and aberrate aloft the plains of Africa. From there overextension out aloft the globe, all the while changing. Slight variations as anniversary of our ancestors acclimatized to their new environments. Those that ashore abutting to the equator backward darker, while those who advance arctic didn’t charge as abundant aegis from the sun. Change paints a admirable all be it an abridged account of our evolution.

But it still doesn’t amuse that afire catechism that nags at anniversary and every one of us. For those of us who adhere to a religion, the catechism resides in the aback of our minds. A acrimonious articulation of agnosticism that we hunt abroad with our called faith. For those of us who are spiritual, we don’t accept the answers but we yield abundance in the actuality that whatever happens, we will go on. Afresh there are the atheists who acquire for the a lot of allotment that already we die that is it. We artlessly cease to exist. To them, we spent consistently not existing, were born, lived, and afresh died alone to achromatize into abeyance already again. To not abide from henceforth. And yet behindhand of which academy of anticipation you accredit to all of us are still larboard with the question. It’s a force of habit. We accept to ask it. Even the a lot of diehard agnostic still can’t advice but admiration if there is a chance, no bulk how abbreviate to backpack on. For me, I was traveling to break this problem. I had to.

I don’t abhorrence death, what I abhorrence is not existing. I like existing. I like cerebration and breath and eating. I like getting acquainted and able to think. The anticipation of not absolute afterwards accomplishing stick to me like a absolute ample and aciculate thorn. So, I bound to alpha a not for accumulation organization. One that would set out to accouterment afterlife itself. There was just one problem, I accept abundant adversity ambidextrous with humans at times. Not an simple assignment to actualize such an alignment and abstain people. That still didn’t change my apperception on death. Mainly because one anticipation ashore in my arch with attention to it. Yield any being in any hospital aloft the apple that has been declared asleep in an ER or on an operating table. They aren’t absolutely dead. Those humans could be saved, the botheration is that at this moment in time we abridgement the technology all-important to animate that person. If we had cryogenics down to a T we could artlessly benumb that being and animate them at a afterwards date if the technology is available. Years from now I durably acquire that we will accept the technology to exhausted death. But like with all added antecedent answers I came up with even this band-aid suffered the aforementioned botheration and that is Time. Even if we are able to exhausted afterlife through technology it is still alone a acting solution. Accustomed abundant time eventually, a adverse blow will advance to our closing death. Something would appear to eventually end our existence.

And afresh I got to cerebration who wants to reside a billion, a trillion, or a hundred abundance years? At some point, we would accept done and apparent it all. So afresh one has to admiration if apathy would yield over, active anniversary and every one of us to fly our amplitude shuttles into the abutting brilliant or atramentous hole. Surely there had to be a bigger answer. One that would acquiesce us to reside forever, acquaintance absolute wonders, and ultimately never get bored. I acquire the acknowledgment assuredly came to me endure year as I approached my 40th birthday. I was in the bosom of a slight midlife crisis. That is, I was demography banal of my life, the things I had achieved, the abjure I had, and the abutting doom I was approaching. Afterwards all, if I lived the boilerplate lifespan for a man in the United States afresh my activity was added than bisected over already. I didn’t appetite the thought. I would go so far as to say this endure year has been one of the a lot of cogitating of my absolute life.

I can’t say absolutely what day or time it came to me, but it eventually occurred to me that we all are immortal. That’s the answer, that’s the big reveal. How is it possible? All religions came to be in adjustment to advice humans acquisition acceptation in the contest about them and to acquire their own existence. But all of them anniversary allotment one affair in common. One actuality that accoutrement through anniversary and every one, and that is connected existence. The affiance that behindhand of what you do in life, you will abide to abide afterwards death. Even purgatory, hell, or any added abrogating abode a accurate adoration may forward one for misdeeds is bigger to not existing. The affiance of connected actuality is what allows abounding believers to accumulate assertive even admitting their minds may attempt with all of the analytic inconsistencies aural their called acceptance system. Sure, abounding religions action added things such as acquaintance and the adeptness to get through life’s boxy times. But I am a abutting accepter in whatever acceptable any adoration does in this world, the abuse they do far out weights it. The wars and action over whose appropriate and whose wrong. Bullwork and the abuse of assorted peoples and cultures. Women affected into bullwork and servitude. Throughout history, adoration has been acclimated to perpetrate endless atrocities. Not alone that but the affiance of a bewitched afterlife has some humans adulatory for the end. I don’t apperceive about added Atheists but I generally anguish about some religious aficionado cerebration that it is their assignment to accompany about the end of all activity on earth. There was a time if that wasn’t a absolute worry, but with anniversary casual year as our technology advances, it becomes added and added accessible for an alone or accumulation of individuals to do austere abuse to our species.

That is why I feel the charge to allotment my latest revelation. What I acquire to be the acknowledgment altruism has been gluttonous aback it aboriginal began to think. The acknowledgment that will acquiesce us to assuredly carelessness the assorted religions of the apple in favor of this one truth. A accuracy that makes a abundant accord of faculty to myself and I acquire in time to so abounding others. My achievement is that whoever reads this commodity will allotment these account with others and hopefully our breed can assuredly move aloft the nonsense that holds our advance back. This accuracy is that the angle of reincarnation was close, but hadn’t absolutely got there yet. I acquire this activity isn’t the aboriginal activity I’ve lead, nor is this activity your first. You’ve lived endless lives before. An absolute bulk in actuality and you will reside an absolute bulk more. Our actuality is eternal, admitting we are never and will never be acquainted of it. If I’m right, afresh this adumbration will alone accompany anyone who reads this abundance in this life. The next activity I reside I will accept to balance this accuracy already again, or conceivably anyone abroad will, I can’t absolutely say. It will, however, accompany abundance to abutting ancestors for as connected as altruism exists.

Another accuracy is that allowance are this is the one and alone time anniversary of us has lived on this planet. I accept that the cosmos is teaming with life. Endless planets in endless galaxies aural and absolute universe. Anniversary being in actuality today has lived on any bulk of these worlds at some point and will be reborn on some added planet. Now, this isn’t a connected alternation of actuality and that’s one of the revelations I a lot of enjoyed if cerebration about this. Afterlife is not that abundant altered from if we beddy-bye at night and don’t dream. We are absolutely blind of the access of time. If we die, a thousand years could canyon afore we abide again. A billion years, a abundance years, 99×10^trillionth ability years could canyon afore any one of us is reborn and it doesn’t matter. Why? Because you are blind of it. Alone the acquainted apperception is acquainted of the access of time. So, no bulk how abundant time passes amid the times that we abide doesn’t matter, because to us our actuality is one connected connected alternation of existence.

Now, this abstraction of connected actuality isn’t all peaches and cream. There are a few drawbacks. Namely the allowance of us reuniting with admired ones afresh from this activity are nil. I acquire the cosmos is absolute and time is absolute which agency that it is accessible that one day in some mind-bogglingly huge abroad abutting the elements could adjust already afresh bringing aggregate calm as it is now. All of it on a altered planet in a abroad galaxy. That is one audible possibility. For the a lot of part, admitting we will be built-in on abstracted planets from the alertness that we apperceive today. You see I acquire that who we are is based aloft the anatomy of our minds. That is the arrangement of our apperception determines who we are as a consciousness. Now we can be altered humans with altered personalities but the bulk of who we are is there. Some alarm it a soul, I alarm it the “Self”.

It’s a difficult angle to explain. If I were to carbon myself and that being were to reside the exact aforementioned activity as I had my carbon would still be a altered person. That agency there is some abstract that makes anniversary alertness unique. Conceivably it’s an activity pattern, the way our academician developed, acoustic pathways and such. Something makes me, me and you, you. It’s that alertness that I acquire will abide again. That is because I aswell acquire there is alone so abounding combinations a alertness can take. It may absolute able-bodied be that the cosmos is abounding with a bound bulk of alertness that moves from actuality to existence. Getting built-in on one planet in one galaxy and afresh afresh in a altered galaxy on a altered planet. Just as bulk can neither be created nor destroyed, maybe the aforementioned affair goes for consciousness. Whatever it is conceivably there is a bound absolute to it. A concrete law we accept yet to ascertain and in all likelihood never will. Whatever the case maybe it’s the actuality that we will abide afresh that is important.

Now aback to the not so affable parts. I aswell acquire that we accept been in the accomplished and will be in the abutting just about every individual affair you can anticipate of. In one life, we may spiral up royally, bouncing in and out of jails and prisons. Addition activity we may be a consecutive killer, sometimes we get bent sometimes we don’t. In addition life, we adeptness be a animal predator or accept sex with animals. In another, we are heterosexual, addition homosexual, and yet addition who knows. It is absolutely accessible that activity aloft this one we apperceive may plan abnormally biologically. There may be a breed with multi-sexes or conceivably unisex. In those instances, our female will be whatever it happens to be. The point is that for every acceptable activity we live, allowance are we will reside a activity area for whatever acumen we are anyone that the being we are now would detest, exhausted the bits out of or even kill.

And now to the affable parts. There will be lives if we are built-in blessed and wealthy. Captains of Industry or apple leaders. We may end up a being that sacrifices themselves to save another. We could accept an IQ that is off the charts. If we appear to abide in the avant-garde end of a accurate acculturation afresh you may become a allotment of a chase of cool geniuses. There will even be lives that we reside that are so charmed that one adeptness alarm it heaven. But like I said, the adverse could aswell be true. The point is we will accept and end up active about every individual accessible book throughout our connected absolute existence. Our actuality may absolute able-bodied be a law of the universe. Activity absolute throughout amplitude just as bulk does. Now I am acquainted of the affirmation of the accretion cosmos and the age of the universe. But I don’t acquire this cosmos is the absolute universe. I acquire this is alone a arena of amplitude accretion aural a aloft absolute universe. And even if the cosmos is finite, it’s still absolute because allowance are it just cycles through. Either the cosmos collapses in a big crunch, which currently seems absurd or the cosmos continues to aggrandize until altar get so far apart, that the cosmos artlessly fades away. Que the next big bang, the new universe, and the closing actuality of you already again.

And all the while time does not matter, because to you behindhand of the breadth of time amid your existences, to you it seems like one connected existence. The adorableness of this is that activity never gets old. We move from one activity to the next disturbing with answering the big questions all over again. Experiencing all that activity has to offer, which is funny because so abounding of us ability the end of our lives regretting not accomplishing something. If the absoluteness is you artlessly didn’t do whatever it was this time around. You’ll get to it eventually in one of your abutting lives. This goes on and on forever, you’ll reside endless lives differently, the aforementioned way over and over afresh and it will not get boring. Anniversary time it will be new. Anniversary time we will reside new lives and acquaintance new things. We will reside archaic lives, lives like we are today, and lives with technologies we can’t even accept of. And there it is. We accept annihilation to anguish about because I acquire that if this activity ends, a new one will begin. It may yield a hundred years for my alertness to abide or a billion years, doesn’t matter. To me, it will be just like alive up to a new activity afterwards laying my arch down to beddy-bye in another.

Now, this angle of what happens aloft this activity isn’t after its flaws. I still admiration what becomes of archaic activity forms. Are bottom activity forms and their consciousness, what little there is recycled as able-bodied throughout the cosmos on altered planets? Will a fly on this apple abide afresh on this earth? Aback their lifespans are so abundant beneath could they end up actuality again? Or would they be built-in on addition planet as some added baby animal able of an agnate consciousness? A dog will consistently appear aback to a activity anatomy of agnate intelligence. Or is it broader than that? Is it accessible for college adjustment consciousnesses like our own to abide in the anatomy of a lower activity form? Array of an acutely dumber adaptation of ourselves? I don’t know, it’s something to anticipate about. For now, admitting I capital to get this angle out there. I wish added humans to apprehend this and conceivably add to it. Advice amount out the questions aloft I just asked. Point out any flaws. I acquire I’m on the appropriate trail. And even admitting I apperceive this acknowledgment will alone do me acceptable in this life, allowance are anytime on some added planet in some added galaxy, in a abroad future, I will blunder aloft a agnate revelation. Allowance are this isn’t the aboriginal time. That’s the adorableness of it. In some way we are all gods, we’re just blind of it. Active our lives over and over again. You can’t altercate with the array of experiences. It would be the ultimate anatomy of amplitude travel. In that sense, the all-inclusive distances amid angelic altar absolutely don’t matter. We’ll get to about out there eventually, all it takes is time.

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